Am I my brother’s keeper – Part 6

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The main theme of this passage is worship and repentance. While we have seen all the subplots anger, murder, lying, and a severing of the relationship with God, the subplots only add to the detail of the events surrounding the disobedience and sin of Cain. Even after Cain was instructed on how to fix the problem with his offering he continued to disregard it, he decided instead to give in to that anger and disappointment that welled up inside of him and he lashed out, slaying his brother. He then made a bad situation worse by denying the incident saying “am I my brother’s keeper” the actual answer is yes he was responsible for his brother and his brother’s death as well. Cain showed no sign or remorse for slaying his brother even after being judged, convicted and sentenced. Yes, he did complain about the burden that was placed on him because of his sin but he did not repent of his sin. God, being ever merciful protected Cain but at the same time, God had severed ties with Cain.


The lesson that we need to take away from the account of Cain and Abel is God wants our best and will not accept the rest. When we do things in God’s name, for him and for his church we need to do it in a spirit of gratefulness and gratitude. Any man, woman, or child can go through the motions and make their actions appear to those around them to be pious and they may fool those individuals. Our heart and soul are transparent to God and he can see our intentions and motives. Abel was righteous he gave his best, in today’s terms he gave 110% to God in an offering when Cain did not. God honors and delights in our best.  As Christians, we are instructed to do all things as if we were doing them to God himself. This is not in just serving the church but every aspect of our lives. We will live lives that reflect Cain or those that reflect Abel’s. If an individual contemplates going a job half way, they might as not even consider doing it. It will not be pleasing to God, It will reflect poorly on the character of the individual and will not be a blessing to anyone who it touches. On the other hand, if we put our heart and soul into something God will honor it and everyone surrounding us will know our efforts for they will bless all those who come in contact with them. In worship and repentance give God what belongs to him, do not try to short or cheat Him, God knows all. You are just wasting your time if you do.

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