An amazing view from a Colorado Springs trail

Colorado Springs trail view
A trail view from one of Colorado Springs many trails. I totally dig the reddish and parched soil and the Cacti at over 6,035 above sea level. Yes, Colorado Springs is extremely dry.

About the Trails and the views in Colorado Springs

This image is a trailhead in Colorado Springs. I have to say I rather enjoyed hiking in Colorado Springs. The wildlife in unique and rather natural

for a semi-urban environment. It seems that you get the best of both worlds, not too far out to be accessible but not too close to be in town. On the hike, we saw wild turkeys, sheep, a few snakes and a host of small critters. The scenery, if you’re into semi-arid conditions. Although the area is in the mountains it’s it extremely dry.

So much so that any hike of distance will leave you extremely thirsty. As anywhere in Colorado, if you are not used to the dry conditions and the altitude, always bring a lot more water than you think you will actually drink, you will be surprised at how much you will want to drink. To give you an example I am used to the climate of the Appalachian’s and I drank about twice as much water than I normally do on a hike.

A few things of interest if you have never hiked in Colorado is depending on where you are compared to the mountains (east or west) the ecology is absolutely different. Even more interesting on top of Pikes Peak it is not uncommon to see snow in July or August. That really blew my mind when I saw it. The amount and variety of animals are another thing that just held me in awe. I mean the animals know you are there but they seem like they do not care, or do not care unless you get too close.  Bird’s, small mammals and larger animals alike do not seem to be too troubled with a person being close but yet a respectable distance from them.

At any rate as with any ecology the plants and wildlife there are well adapted to the climate, though human visitors may struggle with it, the local natural inhabitants seem right at home with it. I guess as well as they should be considering they live there year round.

It’s hard imagining Colorado as a desert because of the mountains but for the most part, it is just that, a desert. A place of little water and little rainfall, that is unless you are in an area that is on the outer edge of the mountains. A mountain 1 mile+ in height has the tendency to knock the moisture out of the air where the mountain and the clouds meet.  Not leaving much for the clouds that primarily travels east or north to hold any real amount of moisture.

In this image, we see the red rocks that Colorado are famous for, cactus and mesquite with a moss growing inside of it. Although I know it’s not true the trail seemed like it had been abandoned for years, it seemed as if eons had passed since the last visitors were there and that is what made the trip special. I would encourage anyone who plans to visit that area of the country to visit the trails in and around Colorado Springs to see the true natural treasures the area holds.

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Author: Chris Flees

I am an artist, art promoter, and art marketing professional who specializes and blogs primarily about art topics and the "behind the scenes" of my subject and images. Occasionally I blog about Christian topics.