An electric image of a horse in the stable

horse electric image
One of the stylings that I really enjoy is electric images. This is a horse in a stable electric image.

I really dig electric images the styling, in my opinion, adds something special to a standard photograph. The styling itself falls into the mixed media art category.

Mixed media by definition is two or more styles or types of art combined into one “document” to create a work of art.

This specific style is created by combining an image or photograph with special effects in Photoshop. Other forms of mixed media art are paintings with the physical material in it, for example, a beach painting with actual seashells in it or some other “real” materials within a painting used for effect or to make the work different or to stand out.

Artists and photographers have begun to branch out into mixed media, not necessarily because they want to leave the “purist” definition of their art form, but rather to create something that is different, unique, and represents the artist and their work.

Mixed media artworks by some artists and even collectors may not be desirable because they are not purely true to one style such as Oil Painting, watercolors, photography, woodcuts..etc but to the vast majority of art lovers mixed media, regardless to form or style, brings something fresh and new to the artists portfolio.

Until a few months ago I had considered myself a purist photographer. That said I started seeing that art collectors rather enjoyed and would purchase mixed media works. While I composed and captured many photographs, it seemed that some great shots were best viewed as some sort of art form for one reason or another. In many cases, the images that I had turned to mixed media were images that had some distraction, in an otherwise great image, that I could not compose or edit out of the image.

Well, that’s how I got started with mixed media art. Today I create mixed media images just because they look great as opposed to trying to cover up something that a photograph would have exposed.

Whether you consider yourself a style purist, a mixed media artist, or a multi-disciplined artist, create what makes you happy. Create what you enjoy and consider an expression of you and your work. You see, chasing fads fade, what do you do when what you created was only created to match what was popular at that very time and does not expose your heart and soul. You and your work as an artist become irrelevant if it was created for popular times and not because of your passion for your works in your art genre.

As one artist to other artists and future artists, I would encourage you to find and create what you love, what you want to hang in your own home. That sort of passion shows through and true in your works. While your works might not be popular with everyone, not even those considered masters have works that are popular with everyone so don’t sweat it be you and express you. Those who would purchase your wall artworks for home décor or for a man cave or lady lounge or office décor will do so as long as your works and style are unique to you. So keep creating that in which you love.

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Author: Chris Flees

I am an artist, art promoter, and art marketing professional who specializes and blogs primarily about art topics and the "behind the scenes" of my subject and images. Occasionally I blog about Christian topics.