So what are the best cryptocurrency exchanges?

With so Many cryptocurrency exchanges “out there” which one is the best? “The Best” is Continue reading “So what are the best cryptocurrency exchanges?”

In search of the best CryptoNote coins

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You may be asking yourself”why would a photographer be interested in Cryptocurrency?” The answer is simple artists, videographers, and photographers already own the high-performance computers with video cards suitable for cryptocurrency mining and an individual can only work so many hours a day. The rest of the time the equipment sits idle. Idle equipment earns you nothing, that is why I Cryptocurrency mine.  Below is a table (which is updated several times a week) of active, minable cryptocurrency, specifically CryptoNote coins mined with the CryptoNight algorithm. Continue reading “In search of the best CryptoNote coins”

Free drip faucets that actually pay out cryptocurrency

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(Last Updated 03/24/2018)

In this post, I will be identifying the sites that actually pay out faucet cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin and provide links to those sites as well as the sites I am currently testing. Continue reading “Free drip faucets that actually pay out cryptocurrency”

How to mine bitcoin and ethereum for fun and profit

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I know many of my blogs followers are going to wonder why I wrote an article about cryptocurrency,  Bitcoin, and Ethereum deviating from the primary premise of my blog. So let me explain. Many artists suffer from boom and bust when it comes to income from their works or art and photographs. Particularly those who rely on print income as their main revenue source. This article is being written for anyone including artists and photographers who have major fluctuations in their income and need a way to subsidize their income between sales, those who want their money to work for them instead of working hard for their money, and those who are looking for a passive income stream. If that is you, you may want to look at mining Bitcoin and/or Ethereum to fill that want or need. This is not a get rich quick scheme but it can make you some pretty serious money.  Continue reading “How to mine bitcoin and ethereum for fun and profit”