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(Last Updated 03/24/2018)

In this post, I will be identifying the sites that actually pay out faucet cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin and provide links to those sites as well as the sites I am currently testing. There are so many drip faucets, coin doubler sites, cloud mining, and the like out there and many are just flat scams that I will not endorse a scam site. I will also list the sites that I am testing to see if they pay out and the “Wall of Shame sites” which is the sites that have and will scam you because they have scammed me.

This is a living breathing page which is updated as new resources are identified or if the payout status of a site changes.

To be considered a tested and paying:

  • an absolutely free to join and claim site will have to have 3 successful confirmed transactions to my personal wallet that is outside of a faucets network, without referrals.
  • Paid sites “in cryptocurrency or fiat currency” must have transferred to wallets outside of their networks that exceed 120% total of all investments made without any unpaid claims.

Faucet sites that are known to pay out without issue:

Moon Network of Faucets:

The Moon network of faucets contains one micro-wallet in which the faucets pay to and 4 faucets.  The faucets are a Bitcoin faucet, Dash Faucet, DogeCoin Faucet, and a Litecoin faucet. The network faucet is supported by ads (you do not need to click them they are on the claim page) and by captcha. This is how it works.

First, you have to have a Coinpot  Micro-wallet (click the link to create a new wallet). At first, this made me really skeptical of their network and the possibility of transfers to an eWallet outside the network, but keep reading.

After creating the wallet register for a new account at MoonDash, Bonus bitcoinBitfun,  Moon Bitcoin, Moon DogeCoin, and Moon Litecoin. You can make a faucet claim every 5 minutes and the faucet accrues value for 24 hours and renews accrual for another 24 hours every time you make a claim. While you can claim every 5 minutes I actually claim from the faucets 2-3 times a day and the claimed coins go into the Coinpot micro wallet. One of the cool things about this micro-wallet is that you can exchange Dash, Bitcoin, DogeCoin, and Litecoin into another type of these 4 coins, for free.

You can also transfer your faucet claims to an external wallet for free to very low (in the case of bitcoin) charges. One word of caution, although coinpot will allow you to transfer your coins at very low totals, please check your personal out of moon network wallet for its minimum deposit. I lost one transfer trying to transfer coins that in total was below the minimum my external wallet would record. Since then I have made sure that I transfer coin totals above the minimum amount the wallet outside of moon network will accept and have received 12 coin payments. I have received about 1 coin payment a week to an external wallet.

Sites with potential so far (minimum payouts listed above not yet met)

The sites listed below appear as if they may payout but the minimum numbers of payouts have not yet reached allowing for a recommendation.    You can check them out with me by clicking the links provided

  • EthereumClix – EthereumClix is an ad-supported faucet. You receive 0.5 – 3.0 Szabo per click and pays out in Ethereum. It pays out at 0.003500 Szabo which is sent as .003500 Ethereum.
    • Btc4bux – btc4bux is a sister site of EthereumClix. The layout and operation is very similar except this site pay 2-25 satoshi per click. The websites minimum withdrawal: 30,000 Satoshi or 0.0003 BTC.
    • TrustBTCFaucet – TrustBTCFaucet is a faucet, HI/LO dice game site and Raffle site. The faucet pays 3-888 satoshi’s and if you are into gambling you can try the Hi/low and raffle. 15,000 satoshis is the minimum withdrawal. There are no withdrawal fees.
    • Freebitcoin – Freebitcoin is a faucet, HI/LO dice game site, and Raffle site. The faucet pays 12- 0.01179942 satoshi’s (currently) and if you are into gambling you can try the Hi/low and raffle. The site offers 3 levels of withdrawal: Free – every Sunday, 6-24 hour withdrawal and an instant withdrawal option for varying fees.
    • Ethereum Faucet– I am currently testing this newer Ethereum faucet. The faucet not only allows you to claim once an hour but it also allows you to mine ethereum for free. It is one of the quickest accumulating ethereum faucets I have found. The payout for the faucet starts at 900 gwei and runs all the way to 1,000,000 gwei with an average being 1,100 gwei. Mining payouts are about 2,500+ gwei an hour with slower and/or older computers.
  • Cloud Mining Services

  • Hashflare has been in business for over 3 years. They are a cryptocurrency cloud mining service that offers instant payments. You can purchase mining contracts for bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, and zcash. Their rates are affordable and you can start mining and testing their service for under $5.00 USD. They have built a solid reputation of attentive customer service and proper and on-time payments.
  • Genesis Mining – As the name implicates genesis mining as the first and is the longest-running cloud service for mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Dash, and Zcash. Genesis mining has a fantastic reputation for timely payouts and excellent customer service. Genesis mining only has one drawback, that is the service is so popular they are often sold out. Like, hashflare their prices are also very competitive.

Folks I love the concept of cloud mining services and with the exception of the two listed above (Genesis and Hashflare) and maybe a handful more most of the rest of the cloud mining services are scams. They will take your money maybe give you a small payment and will be gone. Do your due diligence when evaluating a cloud mining service. A website may say they have been in business 2-3 years but check their icann registrations and see how long the domain has been active ( the information will be on the bottom of the search page in the section named “important dates”. Look to see when the site was created (first registered) and Registrar Expiration Date (the renewal date of the site). If the site is only registered for 1 year and its brand new be very deliberate and careful if you choose to invest there. Most scam sites operate 6 months or less on a 1-year registration.

I know the above information will make it difficult for a legit cloud mining start-up and I want to apologize to those who are legitimately operating cloud mining business start-ups but the literally 1000’s of scam cloud mining services that preceded you has harmed the industry so deeply that it will take a very long time (many – many years) to heal . If your a legit cloud mining start-up my advise to you is always do the right thing, be responsive to your customers/partners, and pay out on time, as you have advertized on your site and your name will find its way on the legit sites of this blog and many – many others in rather short order.

Wall of Shame 

The sites listed below did not pay out, do not pay out properly, are Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, or are fraud sites. I do not recommend any of these sites because of the experience I have had with them paying out as they advertise. Your experience may be different than mine but I highly suggest you scrutinize and investigate these sites BEFORE investing or participating in their offerings.  You will also notice these sites below do not have and are not linked to their sites. I refuse to make it easy for these sites to continue their practices.

If you find your site is listed below and you believe it was in error, feel free to contact me to discuss the situation but be warned I have already tried to contact you and have received no reply or resolution. Sites will be re-evaluated once all users on your site coins and funding have been reconciled and 15 successive blind payments to all the users on your network have been made.  In other words, I am not giving you my login information or wallet address, do it for everyone and prove it was an accident, mistake, or payout software malfunction.  Things do happen sometimes, prove that it has been corrected, and the re-evaluation will begin.– I have finished testing this cloud mining service. At first it appeared to have some promise but that was just smoke and mirrors. A cloud mining site with big promises and little on the side of delivery and no real customer service. As a general rule for this cloud mining service and most others you would be better off mining a lesser coin and trading for bitcoin on an exchange or buying them outright. If you are certain that cloud mining services are the way you must go I have listed two services with an impeccable reputation above. While you will not see the gains that that sun-mining promised you also will not get scammed like Sun-Mining has scammed thousands of users.  –  A cloud mining website, it appears that their website has been taken down.  Registered to: Nathan Warner, London.  No payouts, no reply from support. – Presented as an Ethereum mine, however it only pays out a fraction of your investment if you make referrals who buy service and you buy service. The counter also does not count properly after 1 or 3 days does not matter the potential claim will be the same.  Presented as a litecoin mine, however, it only pays out a fraction of your investment if you make referrals who buy service and you buy service. The counter also does not count properly after 1 or 3 days does not matter the potential claim will be the same. The sister site of the previously listed site.  – Presented as a Bitcoin mine, however, it only pays out a fraction of your investment if you make referrals who buy service and you buy service. – Presented as a Bitcoin mine, however, it only pays out a fraction of your investment if you make referrals who buy service and you buy service. The counter also does not count properly after 1 or 3 days does not matter the potential claim will be the same. – Need I even say that anyone who promises to return 100x your initial investment in 24 hours is most likely full of more stuff than a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas goose at least 99.9% of the time. Anyway, naturally they did not pay out or answer any of the numerous emails. I figured it was outside the realm or reality but had to test them anyway, and I was right. – This is another bitcoin cloud mining scam site that has been shut down.  – This is a for a small fee we will generate btc for you. It does not pay out don’t waste your money.  – This is a for a small fee we will generate btc for you. It does not pay out don’t waste your money.

  • BTCClicks – BTCclicks is an ad-supported faucet. You receive 2-5 mBTC for clicking and viewing an ad for 10-60 seconds and completing a captcha. They pay out at 0.10000 mBTC which takes about 4-6 weeks to payout, it takes about 30 minutes a day to complete the ads. They have a referral program. While this program does pay-out, it pays out very little based on the time required to complete a cycle.  0.010000 mBTC, the payout level is equivalent to about $1.00 and is not really worth the time to do the program.

—- I am sure there’s more to come.

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