Have you seen a Beautiful Wild Tiger Lily?

Wild tiger lilies
Wild Tiger Lilies growing in West Virginia

Some times as much as you want to plan and prepare for a shoot you see something that you must just stop and shoot, as was the case in these wild tiger lilies.These wild flowers were almost begging
to be photographed. This goes to prove that sometimes the thing that catches the eye is not something planned but rather that usual object presented in a new and unique way. The art of Photography, this is what makes fine art photography.

At any rate I was driving down Rt. 2 in West Virginia when I saw them and said wow I have never seen such a grouping in sculptured gardens let alone growing wild. The setup was simple I grabbed my camera and framed in the flower I was focusing on and took the image.

Like I said earlier it was an on the fly shot so something unusual so as for technical advice I have none for this image other than be observant of your surroundings and be very careful when parking by a highway or byway to capture an image. Accidents and mistakes make for some of the most interesting photos. Do not be afraid of a mistake some of them will be a masterpiece.

A masterpiece is defined by many people differently. I would also suggest that you do not take criticism too much to heart. Some criticism will assist you in becoming a better artist and other criticism is done out of pure meanness. In the case of these tiger lilies I have heard both. Some claiming that it is fine art and others that state they absolutely hate it. While I do appreciate the kind comments I also listen to the negative ones and see if anything constructive can be extracted from the comments.

Remember it is your art, your images, your photographs and you are in control. Art is not for the faint of heart. Some will sing your praises and other will absolutely despise your work. It happens, thank those who love it and thank those who hate it and ask the question why, they either love or hate it.

At one time I had thin skin when it came to my works, I have grown through that as every artist must grow through it if they want to be successful, but define your own definition of success do not allow someone who criticizes your work either good or bad to define you and your works. If your in the business and genre of home décor capture images that are in your style and appropriate for home décor. The same is true if your work is for and designed for a man cave, or even office décor.  But always stay true to your style and purpose.

The last thing an artist needs or should I say should succumb to is creating art that does not appeal to them because a couple people tried to criticize and redefine their style. Also realize style is different than technique. Those who are willing to help you advance your technique are not always the bad guys, rather they are the ones who want to see you succeed by adding to but not taking away from your individual style.

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Author: Chris Flees

I am an artist, art promoter, and art marketing professional who specializes and blogs primarily about art topics and the "behind the scenes" of my subject and images. Occasionally I blog about Christian topics.