How to build niche authority on twitter for free

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One of the keys to my success has been a healthy twitter following. In the last 8 months I have been able to build my twitter account from 200 followers to over 9000, below is an outline on how it was done and the tools used to do it.

Like most artists I did not have a lot of money to begin building my followers and buying followers is truly unproductive so I needed free or low cost resources. The resources I will be “promoting” are all free or offer free accounts. I do not have an affiliate account or generate any income from their promotion, this is solely to help the my blog followers.

Lets start with the basics. To be successful in/with twitter your account must have more followers than you personally follow. Right now I have about 9300 followers and I only follow about 6100 accounts (UPDATE: 42.6k following and 53.9k followers as of July 2016) Most of those accounts are artists of different disciplines and art galleries. If you are following more accounts than are following you, it’s time to trim the fat.

To do this I would suggest using with this website app you can see accounts that are not following you back and those which are inactive. I would suggest that you delete those who are not following you back unless you have a reason to follow those individual accounts and definitely those which are inactive. The reason….typically neither will engage in mutual promotion of works. After all the whole point of twitter is promoting and announcing interesting items of others and your work.

The second thing I would suggest after you re-balance your account, as stated above, is to do a search on twitter for artists, painters, art galleries, and etc accounts and begin following them. Whatever you do you will not want to follow more accounts than then number that follow you. Then wait about 2 days and allow those accounts to follow you back. Then run and remove the accounts that are not following you back or that you found that are inactive.

While you are building your account and followers you will want to keep an eye on your notifications. When someone re-tweets your work re-tweet at least one of theirs. While you are re-tweeting this other accounts work look for other posts that appeal to you, particularly images, and re-tweet some of them (10-20 per account, as time allows) as well. You will begin picking up followers from this action as well.

Now that you have your account balanced and are picking up followers, you really do not want to have only pics and ads in your twitter account and risk the account getting marked as spammy, to help prevent this is would suggest using the app. This free app will post high ranking information that you choose automatically on a schedule to your twitter account. In 10 minutes or less every couple days you can schedule the automatic posting of authoritative content to your twitter account. This will help you authority. Authority on twitter helps your account rank better when someone does a search for interest that match your profile. After all if your account cannot be found it does you no good.

Finally be consistent with following back those accounts that match your interest. Once a day I follow accounts back that are following me. Check the images of your artwork and make sure you attempt to follow those who are re-tweeting your work, if your not sure how to do this just click on the numbers and it will bring up the list of who retweeted and if you’re following them or not. Do the same for those who favored your image or post.

But most of all enjoy twitter, it is a tool to utilize. Twitter alone should not be your only source of promoting your work, promote your work everywhere possible as often as possible.

If you want to check out my twitter account here is the link:

I hope this helps. I wish everyone all the success in the world that they are willing to put in the work for! If you find this information helpful please reblog it or share it.

Author: Chris Flees

I am an artist, art promoter, and art marketing professional who specializes and blogs primarily about art topics and the "behind the scenes" of my subject and images. Occasionally I blog about Christian topics.