How to find that one stunning artwork on a tight budget

1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 396
an awesome example of a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

So you have an empty area on the wall in your home and you want a “statement piece” of art in that area, but you are on a very tight budget, what do you do?

Well you can go down to the local
arts and crafts store and buy a poster type image, you could attempt to capture an image of your own and hope it turns out well enough to place in that area, or you could do what many people do in your situation they go and look for limited time promotions online by both famous and up and coming artists.

Almost every online re-seller of artwork has a limited time promotion for works of art. In this section often times you will be able to find some amazing works of art, photographs or canvas prints that have been deeply discounted.

So why would an artist or website discount their works, you might ask?  The answer is pretty simple. Websites and artists discount their works, assuming the artist is still alive and producing works, for the exposure and web traffic that discounted works bring.

Artists are a unique bunch and they only get paid if their works sell. Their works sell only if there is exposure and they are producing works that are of interest to the general population of art buyers. One way for an artist to become known and eventually ask for higher prices for their works is to offer some of their initial works at a discount. The same is true for photographers and photographic prints. If their name is not a household word, what will separate them from the rest of the pack in the infancy of their careers? Selling works to gain exposure rather than profit. A work hanging on the wall of a gallery or on a website and prints not being ordered does not generate any income for artists, so measures must sometimes be taken to create income and interest in their work.

For the frugal and those who have a low investment threshold for artwork as well as those who invest in art for the future this is picking gold. They can get that new work they want, on premium materials, for a fraction of their regular price and everyone wins. The artist receives income, the website assists in a sale and the individual or business gets that desired work for their home or office.

The next time you go looking for art you may just want to look at some of the websites Limited Time Promotions, who knows you may even find and fall in love with two or more works using  the budget you have for just one work.

Here is where I would like to encourage everyone to buy active and living artists work. Do not get me wrong the deceased master’s works are great, if they weren’t they would not be masters but right now you can help support tomorrow’s masters and get awesome art for your home or office.

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Author: Chris Flees

I am an artist, art promoter, and art marketing professional who specializes and blogs primarily about art topics and the "behind the scenes" of my subject and images. Occasionally I blog about Christian topics.