How to promote a website with no advertising budget – Part 1

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So you created or purchased your masterpiece, your web template and you have been steady adding content but your website has not been seeing very much in the way of real traffic. Sales have been slow to non-existent. You have great content and/or products but no one is seeing it. As time goes on the frustration builds, your dream failed to launch and bring you the financial security you were hoping for before you throw in the towel on your dream I encourage you to read on and I will share some techniques that may just help you, if you implement them, turn your website from marginally successful to a full blown winner, creating the security you hoped for and dreamed about.

The best part is these techniques are virtually free, that is as long as you have internet access and a little time you can implement these techniques with no actual out of pocket expenses. I have personally used these techniques and they work, and work well. I have toyed and experimented with many so-called quick rating schemes you know the ones pay us $XX.XX dollars a month and we will provide traffic back links and other SEO tricks. The one thing I found, yes they create traffic in some cases, but the traffic usually does not convert to sales.

The bottom line is king if you’re paying for traffic and that works for you and your small business then do not read any further this article is not for you. But, if you were like me and have no money for advertising and need to get the word out about your product or service then I encourage you to read on.
How should an effective website be constructed?

Since we are talking about marketing and using the internet I am going to quickly touch on some items your website, well more specifically web pages, should have. Please understand this is not an all-inclusive list and I will not address issues such as “java or flash and the like” technology always changes. Rather these are items that will help you convert traffic to sales and help your web pages score higher in search engine queries.

Page title: If the item you are selling is a left-handed smoke bender, title the page Left Handed Smoke bender. If it’s a category such as hand tools that link to more specific items like hammers, screwdrivers, saws etc, title the page, hand tools. Use no more than 70 characters in a page title including spaces.

Page Description: (meta description) – this item describes the web page to the search engine and tells what it’s about. You have 160 characters to do this in and this information is displayed in search engine results, so you will want to make it interesting and include the top 1-3 keywords in it. Normally this information is not displayed on your web page its part of its hidden web page code.

Keywords: choose three keywords/keyword phrases that best describe the product or service on the page. I would suggest using a free keyword analysis tool that that of google’s ad-word or similar web tool. There are many free keyword analysis tools for free at the different search engines websites.

Page text: Make sure your text is relevant to your product and service. The page text should be no less than 500 words for best results and best rankings. Integrate each main keyword/keyword phrase 3 times within the body of the text and any minor keywords twice. Do not use the exact save words or phrases more than 3 times. You can use similar words, though. For example, if the photograph was one of your primary keywords you could use the words picture or image as alternate words twice within the text so the text is not regarded by the search engines as keyword stuffing.

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Author: Chris Flees

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