How to promote a website with no advertising budget – Part 2

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One other item with page text, no one likes the high sales pitch approach to advertising. The latest and greatest type of advertising may work for a time but in the end all anyone wants to know is the “facts about your product or service. Give them the facts and not a lot of hype. Say your product will increase the gas mileage on a vehicle instead of doing the whole “this is a revolutionary XXXXX product that will add countless miles to your car and improve performance” simply state the facts “our new product has been engineered to give you XXX miles to the gallon by boosting the XXX in the XXXX. No high sales pitch that turns people off and the facts are there in black and white.

The Do’s of your site and basic advertising

Back in the 1920’s and 1930’s no one pumped their own gas. Brand and station loyalty came about due to the attendants having a relationship with the patrons. Those days of someone pumping gas for you, in most states in the United States are long gone, and so is, for the most part the brand loyalty that came about from it.

Brand loyalty comes in time, but how was that brand loyalty established in the first place. By personal contact and word of mouth. In today’s high tech and impersonal marketplace, the internet, how do you begin to build word of mouth and personal contact?

Well that’s a simple question and an easy answer do it the old fashioned way begin to promote your products the Old fashioned way with business cards and by visiting businesses that retail products similar to what you offer. Offer your products and services to them (at a wholesale/discounted price of course) and let them know they can order those products or services online and have them shipped or delivered directly to their place of business. After all what you might initially lose in dollars for one sale will generally be made up in volume sales. One technique I use is writing a discount or coupon code on the back of the business card and for those businesses I do not charge sales tax, wholesale customers who will resell a product do not generally pay sales tax, nor are you required to collect sales tax from them.

To start a “buzz” about your business or service begin in the community where you live. Utilize your site for ordering. Visit or call those businesses ordering from you occasionally and ask “how are things going”? You would be surprised on how this will positively effect your bottom line. It also has a nice bonus, traffic to your site, even if the person in not in the market for your product at the moment.
Do not rely on newspaper ads, online ads, or other such promotions alone. Use these tools are part of your marketing strategy but not your entire marketing strategy the conversion percentage between traffic and sales in most markets and for most products from these resources is under 5%. But more about this later.

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