How to promote a website with no advertising budget – Part 3

Promoting your site online

Social Media

To be absolutely honest for personal use I do not much care for social media. Most business owners feel the same way. Reading the drama of those in social networks is not my idea of entertainment, however from a purely promotional standpoint socialmedia is a very effective tool for two things exposure of your website and generating traffic back to your site.

Like them or not sites like facebook, google+, twitter, linked in, and the like make up a good portion of the highest ranking websites in the world. If you want your goods and services website to rank high in search engine results you must have at least a basic presence on social media sites. Without at least a basic presence and posting information about your business regularly your site will succumb to lower ranking than those who do.

One strategy for these social media sites to increase sales is to join groups of similar minded individuals or businesses and interact with those groups. I generally post coupon codes and discounts on my social media sites. The create targeted traffic and many sales. Be creative use short promotional times and utilize these types of sites, for free of course, to help advertise your business.


The next critical component is running and maintaining a blog. Blogging is not everyone’s forte but blogs are the second greatest way for you to release information on your site and about your products. This is also the main place you should post your discounts and coupons.
Search engines love blogs. A well-structured blog should have many related keywords 10-15 and a focused but not overly strong sales pitch. The blogs that score the best are those whose posts contain 500 or more words.

Free PR news releases

This actually accompanies blogging. You can search on any search engine and find entries for websites that offer free press releases. Due to the nature of a press release these websites often rank high on search engines credibility list. These sources offer a much broader audience to expose your product or service to and doubles by giving your websites back links from high authority websites.
One thing to be wary of is when you post press releases each release needs to have at least 80 percent original content. Posting the exact same story or promotion on multiple websites will hurt your efforts to promote your site as opposed to helping it. Originality is truly the key.

discussion boards and website comments

Another source to promote your website is by commenting on other people’s web posts either on websites themselves or discussion boards. Many of these sources require you to use a username and email address and web address (if you have one). your comment is then posted on their site if you use your website address which I highly suggest then you create more links to your site which will also add to the credibility of your site.

There are many sites that advertise that they will create backlinks for you. These are the sites that they promote your sites with and then charge you a monthly fee to maintain them. My suggestion to you, do a web search on your own for these type of opportunities within the scope of the products and services you offer and then enter a real comment on the material presented with your weblink attached. doing so will allow you first to build the link, create natural links back to your website, and not have the links come back and bite your website because of the number of links added at any one time. In any link building campaign adding 500 backlinks over a few days will get those backlinks flagged and hurt your rankings with the search engines. Instead, add no more than 20 backlinks on any one given day.


Action steps (in order) to create traffic and conversions to your website

  • Develop your content on your website
  • Begin advertising the old fashioned way (personal contact and word of mouth)
  • Develop a social media base
  • Write and maintain a blog
  • create news releases
  • post to discussion boards and websites
  • By taking these action steps you will increase the traffic and conversion to sales
  • on your website in the quickest time as possible.

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Author: Chris Flees

I am an artist, art promoter, and art marketing professional who specializes and blogs primarily about art topics and the "behind the scenes" of my subject and images. Occasionally I blog about Christian topics.