one frantic old squirrel guarding his knot in a tree

Grey squirrel in a tree
A gray squirrel guarding the watering knot in WV

Squirrel guarding the watering knot the park what can I say. If you hang around in a park for any amount of time you will see some pretty incredible things. The most peculiar this day was the squirrel at
the watering knot. I had to try to capture an image of this for my photo gallery.
Then try to explain it.

I was sitting on a park bench in Huntington, WV just kind of hanging out looking around to see what there was to see then I noticed this squirrel climbing up this tree. I see squirrels a lot and generally do not photograph them because of it but after watching this one I just had to. At any rate.

I watched this little fellow for what seemed like 10 minutes first up the tree then to this knot. Inside the know was some water and the squirrel went to it, first taking a drink then walking back and forth on the tree limb making some weird noise almost like barking. If another squirrel came up the tree it was on, a fight pursued. This squirrel claimed the knot and the water contained therein it was not going to allow anyone or anything near it. He was pretty fierce in defending it, almost as if his life depended on it.

At the time this image was taken the squirrel had just chased another squirrel around the tree and off of it. It then returned to the seemingly on guard stance, it has in the image. It had its ears pointing out tail ruffled and moving rapidly, it also seemed to be scanning the area for other squirrels attempting to claim its prized possession. It seems nature and nature photography regardless of how much you plan and prepare to capture an image or locate a subject never ceases to amaze me. Had I been looking for an image somewhat like this I would have never found it. This is just one of those rare “wow” moments that I had the privilege to experience and better yet capture.

The how to Photography of this image is simple and basic expect the unexpected watch and wait for the moment, you will know that moment when you see it, the unusual and with your camera at the ready capture the image. This specific image other than a high ISO speed was just framed and shot. It was the spirit of this little critter that I wanted to capture and I was able to, the bonus was the depth of field came out just as I attempted sharp on the squirrel and the tree it was on and shallow for everything else. I was in just as much awe when I saw the final product as I was the instant that I captured it. The time I spent observing as well as shooting was well worth it.

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Author: Chris Flees

I am an artist, art promoter, and art marketing professional who specializes and blogs primarily about art topics and the "behind the scenes" of my subject and images. Occasionally I blog about Christian topics.