the awesome grace of the American Bald Eagle

American bald eagle landing 1

One has to ask if there is a bird as majestic as the eagle. Whether it be the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) or the golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) they are both large majestic birds of prey and stunning to observe.

Today I am going to focus on the American bald eagle. One of the best amateur videos I have ever seen on the American bald eagle must be the video below:

With that said bald eagles are amazing birds of prey.  As nearly everyone knows they are the National bird of the United States of America. The bald eagle is true symbol of American freedom and grace.

As a bird of prey the bald eagle has a primary diet of fish but will eat smaller mammals as well. They have a distribution in North America as follows:

Distribution of Bald eagle in North America distribution of the Bald Eagle in North America, map and legend used under CC – Share alike license ( )

  • Bald Eagle Distribution (US and Canada)
    •    Resident, breeding (great lakes and costal)
    •    Summer visitor, breeding (northermost canada)
    •    Winter visitor (the great plains areas of the US)
    •    On migration only (small light brown areas)
    •    Star: accidental records

During some portion of the year the Bald Eagle can be located in nearly all the continental US States, Alaska, and Canada. The Darkest brown areas are residential areas which a person seeking to photograph a bald eagle is most likely to observe one, year round.  Local naturalists and State-US forestry department offices are your best resources for locating and photographing Bald Eagles, they will have a good idea of the local eagle population’s habits, nesting areas, and activities.

I think the most spectacular thing about this image is I was there to experience it, to watch it and to witness it. For my entire life I have revered the Bald Eagle I collected statues, other photographers pictures of bald eagles, in fact if it had an image, drawing, sketch of a Bald Eagle I wanted it.

As much work in studying the subjects goes in to a shoot as actual shooting the subject. Photographers “luck” if you will when it comes to capturing an image, is not luck at all. Their time and research into the subjects make it possible for the images to be captured. For a photographer the hunt is almost as important as capturing the as capturing the final image. The sport the study and the pursuit is photography. The image is the final result, the graduation if you will of all the work that went into capturing it.

At any rate I had captured several images of this particular Bald Eagle. This one is one of my favorites. This one is one of the images that define my portfolio. All the planning and preparation to capture the image paid off in a fraction of a second when the image was captured.

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