These are two amazing appaloosa horses in a field

Appaloosa horses
Two Appaloosas in a field in North Carolina

In the field

What really can be said about this image it appears to be two white horses in a field. They are technically Light gray Appaloosa horses. Whether

they are white and/or light gray that my friends are up to the vets. They are beautiful. This image was taken outside of Lake Junaluska in North Carolina. We drove to the bottom of the dam and down the road a bit. We were just looking for something interesting, something different to shoot. We ran across these two beauties. I do not know what the reason was but whatever reason they remind me of wild horses. I am not sure if it was their spirit or their color but they were awesome to watch and take pics of.

The Pic Shoot

We stopped after a few minutes of driving and just watched them. We were actually looking for an albino type of heron that was well known to be in this area. We never did find the heron. We did sit captivated at these two Arabians though and decided to get out and take a couple photographs of them. Photography is a fickle activity sometimes. You may know where your subject normally is particularly when it comes to animals but just like humans they move around and just when you think you will be able to capture that shot, which once in a lifetime image, surprise it’s not there. So you move on looking for a different and interesting subject.

The Appaloosa Themselves

The Appaloosa horses would not come anywhere near us. I began to look for a protected colt but as luck would have it no dice. They did not have a colt with them. Were they a mated pair, probably, they just acted interesting and they acted just like they were unbroken. They acted if they did not see men much and were somewhat apprehensive to come anywhere close to us. Through it all, I did get a few interesting images. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Appaloosa’s were extremely beautiful horses. I think it’s obvious to anyone who loves animals that these are definitely majestic animals.

Thoughts About the Shoot

I think in times when your intended target is not available that you need to be flexible. Look around you when in the outdoors you never know what you’ll see or miss. Had we continued to hunt for a bird that was not in the area we would have missed the horses. Is it the best image I ever took that’s very debatable but they were the ones I needed to take that day, it helped me grow as a person and in my photography. Never pass on an opportunity to capture some great images even if it’s not exactly what you had in mind when you went out from your home that day. What makes a good photographer make the leap between good and great is their ability to adapt when plans do not turn out as one had expected.

Until next time happy shooting.

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Author: Chris Flees

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