This is one beautiful 1966 Pontiac GTO convertible

1966 pontiac GTO
a white 1966 Pontiac GTO convertible to view this image in our gallery click it)

1966 Pontiac GTO convertible. This is a car that I remember well from my youth. As a matter of fact, this car was the cause of my first accident. Ahhh yes to be 16 again. At any rate a similar style (I think it was a 67)
GTO kept toying with me as I was driving my dad’s Olds 98
to a friend’s house. The hot dog cut me off twice and we wound up on a two lane one lane in each direction road and I gave the Olds the old what for. I punched it the four barrel opened up and we were just flat getting it (the Olds had a 403 four barrel and a set up with a posi) Just as it looked like I was gonna pull away from the GTO I found out why he didn’t fully open it up, a car pulled out of a parking space in front of us.

I slammed on the brakes (this was before anti-lock brakes) and hit my head on the steering wheel but didn’t hit the other car. Dazed I attempted to park the Olds and gunned it going in reverse hit a tree and then a light post and hit my head again. I guess dad will now know how the Olds got wrecked, I never did actually tell him all of it, only the last half about trying to park it. But anyway, the GTO earned my respect that day. I have liked them ever since.

A little history on the GTO. GTO stands for Gran Turismo Omologato or Grand Tourer Homologation, that is basically a car that has this approved can be entered into racing events such as le mans or stock car racing. The name caused and outcry in the racing community. The GTO began as an option package on the Pontiac Temptest. Pontiac attempted to market the vehicle under a different nickname “GTO Tiger” but “goat” stuck and is still associated with these vehicles today.

The 1966 production run of these vehicles was 96,946 but only 12,798 were convertibles. This vehicle was painted in Cameo Ivory. It is a true 1960’s muscle car. This GTO was a joy to see and photograph and it also brought back some memories of a rather great time in my youth even if the GTO was part of the cause of my first accident.

Any serious classic muscle car collector has to have a GTO in their collection. The 1966 Pontiac GTO was used in The Monkees,Tales from the Crypt, and Adam 12 Tv shows among others. The front grill is just mean looking, some would say even a little intimidating but I see it as a work of art, a stunningly beautiful muscle car with attitude. I absolutely love Mopars make no mistake but to be absolutely honest I would love to have this car in my collection.

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Author: Chris Flees

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