what you need to know before buying artwork

When an individual begins the journey to find that “special work of art” for their home or office where do they typically turn to find that special work? Do you/they turn To a local art gallery, to a ***-Mart

type store, to an artist friend, or to an online resource?

For those with discriminating tastes, I would say they turn to an art gallery or to a preferred artist friend. That’s not to say that the superstores such as ***-mart or others like it do not have decent works, they do, but they are also mass produced and there are many copies of the specific work out there. One of the key things with interior decorating and art is to have works that not everyone has, not everyone has immediate access to, and that not every one of your friends has hanging in their house as well. Art is a glimpse into the owners and creators heart.

Galleries are well known for their high prices. Now they do have great works but they also, much of the time, come at a great price. Commissioning a work directly from an artist can also be very expensive. Let’s face it artists have to pay their bills too and one way they do that is commissioned works. So the question remains “where can you find quality artwork without breaking the bank to obtain it”? Another question is whether an authorized production piece or an original fits your budget? If an original work of art would be challenging to your budget to obtain enough originals to complete the decoration of your home or office then maybe a service utilized by artists for prints of their originals would be the answer to your needs.

I would suggest you look at Fine Art America or 500px or  Redbubble just to name a few. Now I wouldn’t want anyone to say why does it appear you are so biased to those sites when there are 100 of sites that deliver similar service. There are two reasons first, their satisfaction policy (a 30-day money back guarantee) and I have used their services and know that they are genuine (including the satisfaction guarantee). After all, it is an investment into your own space whether it’s your  home or your office space.

Now each of the sites has literally millions of images on it so how do you find the great images without wading through all of the images to find that unique work? I would suggest that you do a keyword search for “featured images”. Featured images are peer-reviewed images, which are featured by the peer groups on their web pages.  The another way is the old faithful keyword search on the site for images specific to your needs.

I sincerely hope this short blog entry assists you in finding those future works of art that will adorn your home or office walls.

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Author: Chris Flees

I am an artist, art promoter, and art marketing professional who specializes and blogs primarily about art topics and the "behind the scenes" of my subject and images. Occasionally I blog about Christian topics.